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Try NaviLens!

  1. Get NaviLens or NaviLens GO on your smartphone.
  2. Click on any of the Show Tag buttons below and then scan each tag displayed.
  3. You’ll need to display the tags on a screen other than the device running NaviLens (GO) or print the pdf version of the table below and scan tags on it
#NaviLens tagVenue - PurposeTag locationScan - FeaturesPost or Source
Packaging - Product location and information Kellogg's cereal boxes (UK)

Scan with NaviLens GO or NaviLens to see or hear information
Kellogg’s Accessible Cereal Boxes
2Museum, artworkNext to display - artwork, object, etc

Scan with NaviLens - you'll hear a short description of an artwork (in the language of your phone) and be able to click on a link to hear an extended audio description of the artwork.

Scan with NaviLens GO - see/hear multimedia, more.

Learn more -> Click the Post link to the right.
Accessible artwork at the NGA
3Text and multiple language text and audioMany placesScan with NaviLens. It can automatically translate and speak text in 33 languages using Google TranslateNaviLens in Spanish

Assistive technology

Useful for all students and parents

Tag on TI talking calculator

Tags can be tiny: ½” (12 mm)

Scan with NaviLens - speaks helpful information + links to pdf (accessible Quick Start Guide)

Scan with NaviLens GO - shares additional information and links to resources for TVIs, parents, and students
NaviLens Tags for Assistive Technology
5Any building - InformationalSign on girls restroom door

Scan with NaviLens to help navigate to restroom and listen to layout of restroom on approach from 5' to 30' awayAudio described restrooms

School & home - learning practice

Tags are very small: 3/4” (19 mm)
On math flashcards

NaviLens tags can speak math fact questions and math facts with answers

For blind & visually impaired students NaviLens technology can help students practice Nemeth and UEB math along with learning math facts
Super flashcards - Math facts