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Talking and Signing NaviLens Tags for Numbers, Math Symbols, and a Math Problem

Last updated on August 15, 2021

A 2nd set of NaviLens tags designed to make the numbers 0-15, math symbols, and a math problem speak for themselves” in ASL (American Sign Language) and in 33 other languages with audio is now available free from Teachers Pay Teachers thanks to the generosity of the wonderful people of NaviLens. For a set of 200 talking (not yet signing) NaviLens tags for multiplication flashcards see Flashcards + NaviLens Tags = Super Flashcards: #1 Multiplication Facts

These dual purpose NaviLens tags can be added to flashcards or other materials to help students learn math braille and/or sign language.

Both “Try its” below work with both NaviLens GO and NaviLens. Use the NaviLens GO app if you’re an ASL speaker or learner. Use NaviLens to listen to both tags in the language of your phone. NaviLens will speak what’s on the tag including the braille needed for it (Nemeth for this set of tags).

Try it #1: Try scanning the image below which is a photo of a flashcard for the number 12 with a 1″ (25mm) square NaviLens in the bottom left corner of it. To scan it you’ll need to either display it on a computer or tablet or print this post. If you scan it with the NaviLens GO app you can experience a short ASL video for the number 12 after changing Preferred Content to Sign language using Settings (the blue gear). Or scan it with the NaviLens app to hear and/or see the number 12 as text and also to hear and/or see how to braille it using Nemeth (UEB Math braille tags coming soon).

The ASL math video for “12” is one of 500+ available in ASL and SEE in the Texas Math Sign Language Dictionary which they share with a Creative Commons license. You can learn more about how this library was created here on their About page. If you appreciate this awesome resource then be sure to share your thanks with the creators & supporters of this phenomenal resource using their Contact page.

APH flashcard for the number 12 with Nemeth (math braille)
with 1″ square NaviLens tag in bottom left corner

Try it #2: Scan the image below which is of a 3″ x 5″ flashcard that I handwrote the math question “How many is 3 dozen?” and added a 1″ (25mm) square NaviLens tag to. If you scan it with NaviLens then NaviLens will display the text of the question and speak it in the language of your phone If you scan it with NaviLens GO then you can experience the question asked in ASL by Dr. Bill Vicars, Professor of American Sign Language and Deaf Studies at “Sac State” (California State University, Sacramento). and president and owner of the Lifeprint Institute, a consultation business focusing on technology-enhanced delivery of ASL Instruction (and more!). Dr. Vicars gave me permission to use this one of his ASL videos.

Talking and signing tag for the math problem “3 dozen equals how many?”
ASL video by Dr. Bill Vicars,
Used with his permission

In the near future I’ll add another tag to this set with the answer to this question. This tag would be added to the reverse side of this card. When scanned with NaviLens GO it will answer the question in one to many sign languages (ASL, BSL, CSL, SSL, etc) giving the complete answer “Since 1 dozen equals 12 then 3 dozen equals 3 times 12 which is 36.”. When scanned with NaviLens it will display the answer above in text or speak it in any of 33 languages.

Like these tags? Want to get more free? Go to Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) to download a free pdf that contains two sets of these tags for the numbers 0-15, math symbols and the math question “3 dozen = ?” by using the link below. Then print and add these to flashcards or other materials, like a Build a Better Book project, to add talking and signing versions of them to enhance their accessibility. You may also request a free set of tags printed on 1″ (25 mm) square labels to be sent to you by first downloading the pdf of them at TpT and then emailing me, Tim Fahlberg, at tim dot fahlberg at email dot com..

Get your free NaviLens tags here: Teachers Pay Teachers – Talking and Signing NaviLens Tags for the Numbers 0-15, Math Symbols, and More

A reduced sized image of the pdf is below.

NaviLens tags for 100 multiplication facts – Available free from TpT thanks to Navilens!

YouTube video – Coming soon! 

APH Flashcards

  1. APH Math Drill Cards: Number and Math Sign Cards (Nemeth) $17
  2. APH Math Drill Cards: Number and Math Sign Cards (UEB) $24

The great people of NaviLens have very graciously made the 27 NaviLens tags in this set free to the world! 

NaviLens has also made free NaviLens School Kits available too! Check them out!

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